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Parents across Scotland can now register their children with their local council to get money off school uniforms for the 2020/2021 academic year. If you have not supplied your bank account details, a cheque will be issued. Recent News. If your enquiry is more complex, you may be asked to contact us via our digital services or by telephone or email. h�bbd```b``z"���� ����� ��,n"Y��`r6XV,[&����Eʒ�$c��+ The rate for 2020 to 2021 is £100 per child. %%EOF 0 We will use this feedback to help improve and develop our live chat service. 23 May 2020. We can, in some circumstances, provide a grant towards the costs of school clothing and footwear if you receive certain benefits. The prospect of finding money to kit children out at the start of a new term can be a worrying one. Every council in Scotland has delivered on an agreement that all eligible families will be able to receive a grant of at least £100 to cover the cost of school uniforms. Facebook. If you received a grant last year and your circumstances have not changed you do not need to reapply this year. Torry Community Hub £ 2,000,000 £ 2,000,000 £- Angus Council. If you get free school meals you may also be able to get help during lockdown and the school holidays. I only have a Post Office Account Please make contact with the team via the online enquiry form where we will support you with an alternative method of payment. It's normally a cash grant paid directly to your bank account. If you get free school meals you may also be able to get help during lockdown and the school holidays. Free school meals and clothing grants. Scotland. It was created in 1996 under the Local Government etc. (*Bank account *Address *Name)If you do not update relevant changes this will delay your payment for the new term. The City council is to approve a plan to increase the grant from £52 to £110. East Lothian Council - £100. Glasgow City Council is the local government authority for the City of Glasgow, Scotland. Live Chat has been designed to help you navigate our website and to answer general queries. Shopping In Glasgow; Things To Do; Utilities/Services; Veterans Wall of Honor; Weather; Strategic Planning. BSL Update now available Licensing Births Children's Holiday... Food Programme Marriage Civil Partnership Spaces for People City Property For updates, please visit See More Marriage Civil Partnership Spaces for People City Property For updates, please visit https 1 / 1. Child Tax Credit only with an annual income of less than £16,105 - please provide a copy of your 2020/2021 child tax credit award letter detailing your child(ren)'s names and your annual income. On 17 March 2020, Glasgow City Council held a meeting of the Emergency Committee and agreed a temporary decision-making structure. January grants top-up announced. You can find out more about how we use the data you provide during live chat in our privacy statement. The award is given annually to assist with the cost of purchasing essential school clothing for families who are on a qualifying benefits.You may be eligible for a school clothing grant if you have a child that attends a Glasgow school and you receive any of the following benefits: Housing Benefit/ Council Tax Reduction (this is not Council Tax single person's discount or student discount). The current grant is £100 for both primary school and secondary school pupils. New Applicants - If you have never applied for a school clothing grant before, and are not in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction (from Glasgow City Council), please complete the online application form (available early July) and attach evidence of your benefits to support your application.Automatic Renewals - You will receive an automatic award if you meet either of these conditions: You receive Housing Benefit (all children's details must be listed on the claim), You receive Council Tax Reduction (note, this is not Council Tax single person's discount or Student discount). 6. Glasgow City Council's Live chat is available during office hours for you to direct Free School meals additional payment enquiries to live chat agents. Help with school meals during lockdown and school holidays 2020/21. For example, if you've had a clothing grant payment. We would encourage parents/carers to supply bank account details where possible as this will make the payment process quicker and more efficient. Scottish Government has provided money to help support low income families who are in receipt of the qualifying benefits only. h�b```f``Z���� ��A��2�,��k``�T��q�����A��, City Centre The proposals are a bid to tackle Glasgow's air pollution after the city cut its CO2 emissions by 30 per cent by 2020. Wales. Closing Date for Next Grants Round - 31st Aug Annual Awards Night 2020 - 5th Dec Calendar. Close notification. Income related Employment and Support Allowance - please provide a copy of your award letter dated within the past 3 months. Latest news / Staff info; Sign in | Register for MyAccount; Sign-up to e-alerts; Site Search. Any Tax Credit Award Notices should show a confirmed income for 2019/2020. If your child does not currently receive a FSM and you think you may be entitled, please check the qualifying benefits below and apply via our online application form here. Payments for eligible children who are already known to us will be made automatically by bank transfer. Please see the Green Homes Grant voucher page for further details. The main decision- making body of the Council is the City Administration Committee (“CAC”) which normally consists of 23 elected members. Home; Schools and learning; School meals; Free school meals and clothing grants Free school meals and clothing grants . Search the site. 9. However, if you are struggling to pay your non-domestic rates bill you should contact the Council and ask them about deferring your payments. %PDF-1.5 %���� A freedom of information (FOI) … However, If you received the winter payment by cheque and have not recently provided your bank details, please do so now by completing our online enquiry form, clicking here  as cheque payments are no longer available. The number of school pupils requiring clothing grants from Glasgow City Council is at its highest in six financial years. School clothing grants in Glasgow will more than double in value to above £100. Help with school meals during lockdown and school holidays 2020/21. Check the qualifying criteria below to establish if you are eligible. Please ensure you provide an up to date mobile number on your application. Report Road Faults; Report Lighting Faults; Pay or Appeal a Parking Ticket or Bus Lane Charge Notice; More from Roads and Parking; Business . This means that, for the 2020/2021 academic year only, you will not be required to submit a new application. Emails/letters from Education Benefits and school Group Call texts will be sent to parents, as a reminder to apply, however applications can be made at any time. If no then you need to check the criteria to see if you are eligible and apply via our online form.

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